Remotec awarded Certificate of Merit in Upgrading and Transforming its enterprise.


Dec 14, 2015 (Hong Kong)  Remotec Technology Limited  is proud to have received a Certificate of Merit award from the Hong Kong Industry Awards in the category of Upgrade and Transformation. After 7 years of new leadership, Remotec has turned from a traditional OEM/ODM manufacturer to a company that owns core intellectual property and provides technology solutions that are driven by a team of dedicated engineers and collaborating partners. Today, the company has been able to design, develop and distribute home automation products in North America, Europe and Asia. Remotec’s long history in the infrared remote controller business also allows it to offer IC chipsets and code library solution to many emerging business and IoT product developers.

This award recognises the award winners including other notable enterprises in the industry that had successfully upgraded and transformed its businesses and amongst other companies, one of Remotec’s business partner Tronico (owned by AMC) is also a recipient of this award and both companies management have celebrated this recognition and a successful transformation to enter into the emerging smart home businesses.

“We are proud to have been awarded for our efforts. Moving forward, we will work harder and continue to bring more innovations and provide our customers the best of breed products and services”, said Paul Cheng – Managing Director of Remotec Technology Limited.

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About Remotec

Remotec Technology Limited (RTL) is a Hong Kong based company which had been pioneering smart remote control solutions since 1990 and is currently a product manufacturer for various Z-Wave home automation products.