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We provide turnkey supply chain management and technology solutions for RCUs, Smart Home and IoT products and with 28 years of experience. We have designed specific manufacturing test programme that could allow our customer to fully benefit from modern day wireless technologies. Our contract manufacturers are all serving many customers worldwide and they count on Remotec's expertise and specific wireless chipsets, firmware and software capabilities to deliver to customers. Please contact us about learning how to become a Linked by Conexum certified partner or certified supplier.

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Remote Controllers
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Smart Home 
Smart City IoT 
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Have a Smart and Safe Living with Vayyar Home

Remotec has a new collaboration with Vayyar Home, introducing a revolutionary, new hands-free emergency response system. This smart sensor can detect movement in the house, alerts you instantly if any emergency happened.

We will be focusing on elderly-market with Vayyar's 3D imaging hardware and also to partner with Deltapath for complete emergency communication and integration with care centre professional. Keeping Safe and in touch.