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AIRXED is a new corporate startup venture incubated from Remotec Technology Limited to develop a series of smart indoor climate control products (including smart thermostat, smart IR hub, smart air diffuser, smart air purifier).


In 2019, AIRXED will innovate itself and launch its first product which is a next generation smart air circulation fan which also dubs as an IoT Home Hub to provide simple to use control of the Fan and A/C to achieve energy saving. This new X.1 fan can control over 90% of the air conditioners with handheld IR remote already installed at your home. Airxed Technology Limited plans to roll out a series of IoT-enabled sensors and indoor air climate control and air quality product for creating a truly smart home experience. 


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In 2016, SmartAirCon concept has been promoted by Remotec as our solution to worldwide indoor air climate control by way of extending our field-proven IR Fabric ( to system developers and software house.

We have since launched an IR Motedem product with our free iOS and Android app which could run as a mobile app and light gateway to be installed in a spare phone. The concept product was well received and was awarded by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (END) IoT Development for Smart Cities - Champion (First Prize) for the Industry Category. We have since provided a SDK via GitHub to offer hobbyists and developers ( a way to implement their own solution using an inexpensive gateway.


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